Michael Schoenhart

Dr. Michael Schoenhart, MBA, CFA, FRM has an outstanding research background in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and agent-based computational economics. He holds an MSc in Finance from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Vienna.
Dr. Schoenhart gained extensive experience in academic research and many years of professional experience in information management and the investment industry.

Behavioral Finance and Market Anomalies Highlighted publication: Behavioral Finance and Market Anomalies
Schoenhart, M. (2008). Behavioral Finance and Market Anomalies: An Academic Review. VDM, Saarbruecken. Amazon

Dr. Michael Schoenhart founded smartCube Consulting in 2012. The aim of smartCube (lovely nicknamed "smartQ") is to develop and produce relevant research and implement and support meaningful projects in financial markets, development economics, and data science.

  • smartAsset Allocation

    This App puts portfolio theory into practice. All charts and tables are interactive and will immediately react to your input. smartAsset Allocation App

smartTrends Fund

The smartTrends Fund was launched in 2013 due to the profitable track record of the managed account.
The goal of the fund is to provide investors with global and sustainable investment opportunities based on robust economic research mainly from behavioral finance.
Please see first the legal information and then the smartTrends Fund information.